Yesterzine 18 - "Disseminate Essential Information" - Amiga Power 65

Posted on 1st May, 2020

Amiga Power had a last issue, and it knew it. So it's a magazine with a plot, as the staff are hunted down by the 4 cyclists of the apocalypse, the only lesser deities committed to a program of rigorous consumer testing in order to pay for their crimes against the Amiga.


Yesterzine was there, and with the help of no less than 8 guest voices we take you live to the trials of Stuart Campbell and Jonathan Davies to discover if AP really were guilty of machineicide. Somewhere in the middle of this there's some games, Alien Breed 3D2 is the most ambitious attempt to "do" Doom the Amiga got before it got Doom and Kick Off 96 is the last word in the Amiga's 2nd best known football game series. But do either of them succeed?



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