Yesterzine is a show about games and how well they may or may not have aged, told through flicking through a different old gaming magazine every episode.


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4 games, 2 names....

Posted on 16th July, 2021

The Master System had mant Great games, such as "Great Soccer", "Great Golf", "Great Golf" and "Great Soccer". Sadly those really are 4 different games, Yesterzine explains....

Why did NMS hate Zool?

Posted on 9th July, 2021
Whilst reading Nintendo Magazine System for episode 30 of Yesterzine, Zool missed out on being the gaming hell by a scant 2%.  This is a game Amiga magazines rated as high as 97% just 2 years earlier.


So what's the deal? Format snobbery? Bad conversion.... or were Amiga owners fooled by getting anything to fire back at their Sonic owning mates?



The era of official magazines is over, but how did it begin? And what connects the very first with the very last?  We open a copy of the excellently named Nintendo Magazine System and discover a gaming heaven that's one of Nintendo's standouts, a gaming hell that no-one wanted and Nintendo's vision of the next generation, at least in 1994.



The third famous Amiga games magazine had its critics, most notably the other 2 Amiga games magazines but was it really so bad? In its defence an interactive game about movies, an interactive movie that may or may not be a game and a football game that may or may not be interactive or even in fact exist at all.



What's on the Cart?

Posted on 14th May, 2021

I found a cheap Chinese knock-off cartridge on ebay promising 25 things I can't read and a movie whose game never reached the Mega Drive. I showed the listing to @super_quincy and he did the only sane thing, bought one too so we could discover it together.


You join us one Friday night as we boot them up for the first time blind...




Christmas 1988, the Spectrum at the height of its powers. But Sinclair under Amstrad is still Sinclair and the gun is pointed firmly at the foot. The Gaming Heaven is the final game of a legendary trilogy with a lot to live up to. The gaming hell is a forgotten twin stick shooter without the twin stick. Elsewhere the 3rd most famous Pepsi themed game turns licencing on its head.

New Master System Games 2021

Posted on 30th April, 2021

When any youtuber talks about the last game for a system they are almost certainly lying to you.  Depending on where you live, the last "Master System game" was between 1989 and 1998.  But actually there's at least 10 new things for 2021 you can run on your Master System right now. Here they are...




2Minds Publisher Showcase

Posted on 9th April, 2021

Us retro gamers play new games too, just sometimes they're on old systems.  4 excellent such games have been released recently on the Master System by French Publisher 2Minds.  So I called up fellow Master System fan @super_quincy and introduced him to them.




CDs! The new thing! Unimaginable amounts of storage for your magazine cover disk which... we then realised we had no idea how to fill.  PC Format launched their cover CD in mid-1994, see how they put enough on it to justify the extra quid on the cover price. While we do that, enjoy a strategy gaming heaven whose demo fitted on 1/3rd of a floppy disk and a point and click gaming hell that serves as an instructional video in the worst possible way.





VR before VR...

Posted on 19th March, 2021

The Master System did full 3D three decades before VR was mainstream but recreating that experience now requires expensive custom glasses, 8 rare games cartridges and an early model of the machine.  Or, you could just watch Yesterzine with your common as dirt red/blue glasses...