Yesterzine is a show about games and how well they may or may not have aged, told through flicking through a different old gaming magazine every episode.



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We're back, and this is one people here will recognise. The infamous issue of Amiga Power that got everyone on a tizz.


Yes, Cannon Fodder and its depiction of war, Stuart Campbell and his depiction of Old Soldiers and the Royal British Legion and their depiction of trademarks is the top story but that's not all this issue had.


Four guys from Sweden spent the early 90s making the Amiga display flashy rotating cubes to a dance soundtrack.  But those guys turned out to be incredibly important to the Amiga and then to gaming in general? How did some anonymous Swedes go from their bedrooms to writing the engine powering one of the biggest games on the planet? 


And 18 months after the rather excellent Red Zone (Yesterzine Episode 1) Psygnosis release another motorbike game.... and Amiga Power thought it the worst thing in the issue by a country mile.  What went wrong?



NEW SHOW PILOT!.  "On what should I play..." is about coming to a game fresh in 2019.  Is the original version still how you should go about it. What's easiest and best? Handheld? Console? Remake? Remaster? Emubox?


This episode. Sonic The Hedgehog.




Special Episode : Rise of the Robots

Posted on 12th June, 2019

A special episode with a twist.  At Christmas 1994, Rise of the Robots was both the highest and lowest scorer in issues of Amiga Action and Amiga Power.

Who was right?  Are they still right?  What leads to the exact same game getting scores with a range of 87%?

And why is Brain May involved?





Yesterzine Extra : Dudley vs Gamesmaster

Posted on 31st May, 2019

A brief offering this week where I take on UK games legend Dave Perry. My chief advantage? It's him 23 years ago and I've not told him about it.



Yesterzine Extra : For Lynne Awesome

Posted on 24th May, 2019

If you've watched any Yesterzine you'll know we have a theme tune.


And if you've played any games in the Amiga days you probably know the author, if not by name.


And if you've played anything in 25 years you'll recognise the series in which he did his most famous work.


But how did I get from a surprise discovery on a PC Format coverdisk in 1994 to a licenced show theme tune in 2019?


The answer in under 9 minutes....



Sorry about the late notice for the 3 people who rely on the webpage but here's a nice Extra for you 2 days ago.



Cut from episode six, here’s a look at Die Hard Trilogy on the PlayStation, which got a very middling review in that CVG.


Yippe-kay-ay Multiple Franchise!

Yesterzine 6 : CVG 178 - September 1996

Posted on 10th May, 2019

It's the first season finale and it's asking the big questions. In September 1996, Mario 64, Quake and Nights were the "3 greatest games ever" but is one of them still that good?


Elsewhere, why is a generic cartoony Mario Kart clone one of the single most important games of all time and what makes Sonic Wings Special?




It also features not 1, not 3 but 2 special guests!

It's Friday and that can mean only one thing!


Fish and Chips in the cafe at work!


<Frantic whispering from offstage>


Oh and Yesterzine!



Episode 5 is Your Sinclair January 1987, right in the Dennis publishing golden era of the magazine.


The gaming heaven is Ocean's classic film licence The Great Escape but it's one of 7 games that got 9/10.

The cover feature is my attempt to explain to the young 'uns what loading games from tape is like

And then we get conclusive proof that war is hell with Gallipoli.


As a special bonus, without looking it up, guess which game was worked on by a forum member!


Yesterzine 4 : PC Gamer 1 - December 1993

Posted on 26th April, 2019

It's Episode 4 time!  And we're going PC so there's no "Your Mum" joke.


Just kidding, of course there's one.  And the worst "Ian" reference to date.


The PC means the first ever episode of PC Gamer.



The Gaming Heaven is Indycar Racing, the true birthplace of proper texture mapped worlds in sims.

The Gaming Hell is puzzle "Sensation" Tessarae... or is it Speed Racer?

The Cover feature is, once again, literally the cover disks and the best adventure never to come out of Sierra or LucasARTS.

It's Episode 3!


And given it was Nintendo last week, it's Sega this, and a veritable bounty of games.  The new Mega Drive Sonic game barely scratches into the other mentions.




Fifa is the highest scoring game, but is it even the best football game in the issue?

Why is the 3rd best selling Mega Drive game of all time absolutely nowhere

The Cover feature is the Master System's indian summer of superb titles late in its life.

And the Gaming Hell is the forgotten Game Gear version of Jurassic Park, which shares nothing with the Mega Drive title.

Plus a special guest! Who none of you know! But she's lovely I promise!