Yesterzine is a show about games and how well they may or may not have aged, told through flicking through a different old gaming magazine every episode.


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The Playstation changed the world and suddenly the PC wasn't king of the hill anymore.  But keep your friends close and your enemies closer, maybe the Playstation could in fact be the making of the PC as a modern 3D gaming platform.  


While PC Zone ponders this they look a next generation sports title and a 2nd generation sports title. (Which is the cleverest sentence I'll ever write).



There is nothing on which Rise of the Robots is good.

The 16-bit console version are plain dull, the game gear was asking too much, the 32-bit console versions are insulting. The Amiga version got 5% in Amiga Power.

It's 1992 and for the first time a magazine is watching a generation end without a replacement it can cover.  Your Sinclair fears for its future in a fast moving world and reacts with the magazine equivalent of buying a red sports car and some ill-advised hairplugs.

Sandwiching that there's a cartoon licence, because this is still an 8-bit computer and a smart looking horizontally scrolling shooter published by but not starring a Zeppelin.





Posted on 19th November, 2021

Retro Gaming doesn't need to be expensive, you can still buy games for a pound.  And thanks to working backwards from an awful, awful pun I and several YouTube people who literally exist will be proving it to you, starting with me and Pimp My Ride MTV Street Racing on PS2.



Further Quid Game releases are coming Tomorrow, Monday, Wednesday and Friday from people such as Bloggo's Pow, Daph Blake, Timberwolf, GigerPunk and for probably all time from a frankly worrying number of people until people forget Squid Game exists.


It's 18 months since Mario 64 and the troops are getting restless.  Enter Rare with a platformer for the ages but does it still stand alongside the great?  If not Rare have several other games for you, one of which you'll recognise... you think.  And the N64 tries to dig itself out of its post release hole with a blockbuster arcade conversion but is it a case of a day late and a building short?




Ace 35 - Yesterzine 33 - "50 foot monster"

Posted on 24th September, 2021
Ace was a magazine that marked high, out of 1000 in fact, resulting in our 2 main games being technically the 2 highest scorers of the entire series.  The first, a strategy classic more than showing its age visually and the 2nd a game I've never heard of but given my history really, really should have.


Elsewhere what happens when a small British joystick company tries to take on Sega and Nintendo?  Disaster is what but the ramifications of the project ended up changing gaming forever. Twice.



The Master System games of Lost Judgment

Posted on 24th September, 2021

Sega's Yakuza games have always has functioning arcade machines in but this week's release of Lost Judgement marks a first, a functioning console.  And it's a Master System. 8 games are included and 2 of them shouldn't work on a PS5 at all.  What have they done there, which of the 8 games on it are worth your time and what might their choices of games, and indeed console mean for future products from Sega?


The 8-Bit market stands on the precipice and Dizzy, perhaps it's most loved character takes centre stage.  As we look at his lesser known life the gaming heaven is more of a Dizzy game than any of our Dizzy games.  The gaming hell is a cartoon platformer that brings a licence to a game fight and elsewhere Yesterzine calls in its foremost gaming expert, a 1 year old child.




Sonic 1 vs Sonic 1

Posted on 13th August, 2021

Sonic on 8-bit is a very different game to Sonic on 16-bit, but how different are the 2 8-bit releases to each other. I've always assumed the Game Gear one was the Master System one but worse... the truth may be more interesting...



Yesterzine 31- MMS23 - "Bed Jogging"

Posted on 30th July, 2021

1994, the Mega Drive's final stab at glory.  The vanguard comes in the form of a legendary RPG series and a game licenced from an equally legendary racing driver.  Elsewhere, Mean Machines previews a game that doesn't exist.