Yesterzine is a show about games and how well they may or may not have aged, told through flicking through a different old gaming magazine every episode.


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The Most 7/10 game...

Posted on 18th September, 2020

 Time to put up or shut up, after an entire series of putting 73% reviews on trial, what would I personally give 7/10 to.


Well here's one, The Incredible Crash Dummies on Master System.  I just hope I justify it well enough to avoid jail...



The 73% Trials - Prehistorik (Amiga)

Posted on 21st August, 2020

The conspiracy unravels, the Magazine that uncovered the mark of the beast may be guilty of past crimes itself.  The trail of the century, in the season finale of The 73% Trials!



The 73% Trials : Days of Thunder (GB)

Posted on 14th August, 2020

 Tom Cruise's follow up to Top Gun could not have been more 80s, but to Total, the Game Boy spin off game was absolutely 73.  Was the review a podium winner or embedded in the wall at turn 2?



The 73% Trials : Castelian (NES)

Posted on 7th August, 2020

Castelian went by many names, Subline, Tower Toppler, Kyoro Chan Land and most famously, Nebulus but is a rose by any other name worth 73% in Mean Machines magazine?



 Gunstar Heroes is considered by many to be one of the standout Mega Drive games.  But Sega Power gave it the dreaded 73% on launch.  Do they have good reasoning or was this a reviewer who couldn't be bothered?  Court is in session.



In 1994 there were two Mickey Mouse games in as many months.  Is that why one of them got 73% in Super Play or were there shenanigans?



Amiga Power determined that the lowest score you could give a game without incurring the wrath of the publisher was 73%.  The lazy score.  The "If you like this kind of thing you'll like this" score, the "I played this for 20 minutes" score.


So we're finding the 73% reviews and we're putting them, and the magazines on trial. One game at a time.



Today's Game : Super Space Invaders on the Amiga, published by Domark, Converted by The Kremlin.

Today's Defendant : The One Amiga. Issue 38. November 1991.


Court is in session.

And season finale time.


In the final episode, 1 magazine that's been around forever, one that's just starting out.  Plus a round up of every other UK games print publication as of 2020.


Includes an interview with Andrew McMaster, editor of Pixel Bison.



And Episode 3


Indie mags have to fund themselves any way they can.  Of the 4 in this issue, one is sold in shops, one you can't buy at all, one takes subs via patreon and one is currently running a kickstarter.


Featuring interviews with both Ian Dransfield of Wireframe and Paul Murphy of Switch Player, the best of the independent magazines are put under the microscope.




Todayzine : S1 E2 : Think of the Children

Posted on 28th June, 2020

And so episode 2


There are 4 magazines still aimed at children, they range from the slightly cynical to the really very cynical.  But are any of them worth reading?  Please watch since I had to buy one of these in an actual store, which might be the creepiest thing I've done in some time.