Yesterzine is a show about games and how well they may or may not have aged, told through flicking through a different old gaming magazine every episode.


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2Minds Publisher Showcase

Posted on 9th April, 2021

Us retro gamers play new games too, just sometimes they're on old systems.  4 excellent such games have been released recently on the Master System by French Publisher 2Minds.  So I called up fellow Master System fan @super_quincy and introduced him to them.




CDs! The new thing! Unimaginable amounts of storage for your magazine cover disk which... we then realised we had no idea how to fill.  PC Format launched their cover CD in mid-1994, see how they put enough on it to justify the extra quid on the cover price. While we do that, enjoy a strategy gaming heaven whose demo fitted on 1/3rd of a floppy disk and a point and click gaming hell that serves as an instructional video in the worst possible way.





VR before VR...

Posted on 19th March, 2021

The Master System did full 3D three decades before VR was mainstream but recreating that experience now requires expensive custom glasses, 8 rare games cartridges and an early model of the machine.  Or, you could just watch Yesterzine with your common as dirt red/blue glasses...



Yesterzine 26 - 2 of them are Brown - DCUK 4

Posted on 26th February, 2021

The next, next generation was here, but the Dreamcast was dead in under 2 years.  While we trying to work out just what the bloody hell happened, the gaming heaven is a very un-Dreamcast game and the Gaming Heaven is a legend in disguise.  And elsewhere, the most infamous magazine coverdisk of all time.



7 Reasons you bought the same game twice

Posted on 26th February, 2021

You own a lot of games.  You own a lot of games twice.  But you always have a good reason and if you can't think of one quick enough here's 7 reasons you've bought the same game twice... or more.





Master System Most Expensive - with Bloggo's Pow

Posted on 26th February, 2021

What Master System games will cost you the most to add to your collection?  Here, using the assistance of @super_quincy and the CEX sale prices are the 5 Master System games that are the most expensive in the UK. Can any of them possibly be worth the money?




Yesterzine 25 - "Afterthought Alley" - OPM 1

Posted on 26th February, 2021

The most important video game system launch of all time. Gaming's once and forever mainstream breakthrough. But as the Playstation hit the UK in late 1995 were the games there? And when are 9 Demos not 9 demos?



Yesterzine 24 : "Fighting Through Idiots"

Posted on 18th December, 2020

The Amiga Power trilogy concludes and this time there's no way to frame them as the good guys, 3 terrible crimes in 3 consecutive issues mean they absolutely deserve to have all been murdered in issue 65.  We hear their pleas for mitigation as the gaming heaven gets personal and the gaming hell is every NES owner's best friend...



Yesterzine 23 : "The Ghosts of Toilets Past"

Posted on 12th December, 2020

The Commodore 64, the machine that thinks colours should be seen and not heard. This could be a problem when the gaming heaven is a cartoony arcade port and the gaming hell is from the very top tier of cartoon licences.


Meanwhile we take a snapshot in time from possibly the turn of the decade's biggest publisher.




Movie licences, tricky buggers.  Super Play Issue 13 had 2 of them, one the biggest licence of the 90s and somehow one the biggest licence of the 2010s.  They faired... differently.


Meanwhile there is a fight to the death between 2 SNES driving games both based on Amiga originals.  How do they match up on both machines and which one has withstood the last 3 decades intact?