Yesterzine 2 : Super Play 25 November 1994

Posted on 12th April, 2019

Episode 2 is live and features Super Play issue 25 from November 1994.


The gaming heaven is Street Racer, a supposed Mario Kart beater.  Super Play didn't go quite that far but they did conclude it was the equal of Mario Kart.  To be fair, we first go back and play Nintendo's classic to see if, in 2019, that's still true.


The gamine hell is the Death and Return of Superman, a game by a surprisingly famous developer not normally known for writing bad games.  Which gets us wondering, is there maybe a better candidate elsewhere in the issue?


The Cover Feature is on imports and why a year old game is emblazoned across issue 25's cover.  We explain what it was like living in a world where getting a game a year after Japan was actually a pretty good outcome.


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