Yesterzine 1 : The One Amiga July 1992

Posted on 5th April, 2019

Episode one is live, we're looking at my first Amiga magazine, The One Amiga from July 1992.


The gaming heaven is classic adventure Monkey Island 2 but the 3 games directly behind it are all considered classics today, and one is especially dear to me.


Our cover feature is the cover disks, where we look at a demo of bike game Red Zone and the hidden inspiration for a modern gem in Omega Race.


The gaming hell is turn based war sim Spoils of War.  Is it the Civilization beater you always wanted? The One certainly didn't think so.


Our back page advert is for the Amigarama podcast which we highly recommend you check out. Lorfarius is a stand up gent and also provided instrumental technical help. We also thank Unofficial Who.


Lure of the Temptress Freeware :

ScummVM :

Booting Monkey Island 2 on an Amiga :

Additional Support from IndieGala -


Bonus website fact : Red Zone is named after the red bit at the top of every rev counter to show when you're really thrashing it. The rev counter in the game is, for some reason, missing the red zone....


And yes, it was only when finalising the video I noticed the German Design Group website says Board Game right there in the bit I took the screen shot of.


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