Yesterzine 7 - Amiga Power 32 December 1993

Posted on 12th July, 2019

We're back, and this is one people here will recognise. The infamous issue of Amiga Power that got everyone on a tizz.


Yes, Cannon Fodder and its depiction of war, Stuart Campbell and his depiction of Old Soldiers and the Royal British Legion and their depiction of trademarks is the top story but that's not all this issue had.


Four guys from Sweden spent the early 90s making the Amiga display flashy rotating cubes to a dance soundtrack.  But those guys turned out to be incredibly important to the Amiga and then to gaming in general? How did some anonymous Swedes go from their bedrooms to writing the engine powering one of the biggest games on the planet? 


And 18 months after the rather excellent Red Zone (Yesterzine Episode 1) Psygnosis release another motorbike game.... and Amiga Power thought it the worst thing in the issue by a country mile.  What went wrong?



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